Wanakia Wildlife is registered as a non-profit 501c(3) organization and relies totally on donations to run.  Wanakia receives no funding from any government agencies.    Donations can come in many ways or in the form of time, talent or treasure.

Time is much appreciated in the form of volunteering at the center or organizing and completing special projects.

Talent or special skills can be applied to a wide variety of projects that will benefit Wanakia and the animals that we tend.

Treasure in the form of monetary donations is used to provide medical care and specialized dietary needs for the animals that come to the center.

Contact Wanakia at 414-803-0388 or by e-mail to make a donation or to get more details on how you or your community organization can lend a helping hand to the animals at Wanakia.

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  Please call Wanakia to arrange a drop off time for  wish list items.

(We would like to say Thank You!)


Wish List


 Timothy hay, orchard grass                                          Watering cans, all sizes

Venison, wild game, and fish, 1-2 years old          X-large heating pads, no auto shut off

Pick N’ Save or Piggly Wiggly gift cards for fresh produce                               Dry dog food,

Dry cat food                                                                       Dome shop light with on/off switch and cord.

Bungee cords, all sizes                                                   Large Wicker baskets for re-nesting birds

Paper toweling                                                                 Bleach

Dawn dish soap                                                                 Garbage bags, 30 gallon size and kitchen size

Wood shavings/bedding                                               Newspapers (without ads)

Liquid hand soap                                                              Plastic turf door mats, daisy mats

Spray bottles                                                                     Storage containers with lids, old Tupperware

Small outside rakes                                                         Feather dusters, natural colors, browns

Peanuts in the shell                                                        Sunflower seeds, hulled, and in the shell

Mixed nuts in the shell for the squirrels                 Pet water bottles, 8oz size

Rubbing alcohol                                                                                10/20 gallon fish tanks with lid

Pedialite, generic brands OK                                       Sand for outdoor caging areas

Bird seed – all varieties – General seed mix, Finch mix ,Woodpecker mix, cardinal mix, cracked corn