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Since 2008, Wanakia Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center has provided rescue, rehabilitation, and release of native Wisconsin wildlife for Washington county and surrounding communities. Wanakia specializes in most species of native songbirds, waterfowl, and birds-of-prey, as well as small mammals such as squirrels, opossums, and cottontail rabbits.

 Wanakia provides wildlife educational programs featuring live animals for any interested parties or organizations in the community. Click here to find out more….

To contact Wanakia Wildlife, feel free to call the center at 414-803-0388.

Our e-mail addresses include: wanakia@netzero.com  OR   contact@wanakia.org

We recommend calling the center directly with any immediate animal concerns:


Surprise!! Look what we found in the duck enclosure today!! I don't think the ducks got the memo from the ground hog about 6 more weeks of winter. And look at the size of that egg!! Our little Dixie-chick (even though she is a duck) is a pixie. Look how small she is next to our Daisy(even though he is a male). Way to go Dixie!! That explains her unusual behavior over the last few days. ...

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Look whoooo's sitting on her nest?! (Look who is tearing up her nest!) Duncan, our foster great horned owl, is still prone to nature's cycles even though she is in captivity. Time to put in branches and pine twigs so she can make her own nest. Not too far behind her is our barred owl, Oliver. She is starting to call out and tell all whoooo will listen that this is her territory. Twigs and branches for her too. Just one small aspect of caring for our educational animals. So cool!!! ...

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Great way to start 2018! Jana brought this red tailed hawk to us back on December first. He was found in the median on the freeway. His wound required sutures. The time resting here at Wanakia gave the head trauma time to heal too. To see him soar again is nothing less than amazing! Farewell my friend! ...

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Many hands helped get our feisty great horned owl back on his feet again. Yes, this is the owl that torn out his stitches, twice! This is where he is meant to be, out in his natural element. Just building endurance before we return him to his home. Thank you to all who had a hand in getting him flying again. ...

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Just had to share a bit of chores on this cold morning:) Our little opossum that was hit bay car just wanted breakfast in bed! Has his jaw healed well enough to eat that rather large mouse?? We shall see. But one thing is for sure he did not want to get out of his warm sleep shirt. Enjoy:) ...

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Wanakia Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center