Since 2008, Wanakia Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center has provided rescue, rehabilitation, and release of native Wisconsin wildlife for Washington county and surrounding communities. Wanakia specializes in most species of native songbirds, waterfowl, and birds-of-prey, as well as small mammals such as squirrels, opossums, and cottontail rabbits.

 Wanakia provides wildlife educational programs featuring live animals for any interested parties or organizations in the community. Click here to find out more….

To contact Wanakia Wildlife, feel free to call the center at 414-803-0388.

Our e-mail addresses include: wanakia@netzero.com  OR   contact@wanakia.org

We recommend calling the center directly with any immediate animal concerns:


Happy Autumn!! Can't believe it is time to think Autumn cleaning, we haven't finished Spring cleaning yet!! Teeheee!! Can you spot Morris, our box turtle, enjoying his taste of the season?!? ...

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Appreciating Marty and this organization for their effort to save this beautiful Great Horned Owl in my yard on Friday. I just learned that the owl did not make it. Told it was the symptoms referred to as West Nile virus to led to his demise. Gratitude for the deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge, oh Great Horned Owl!

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The last pictures of "Adventures with Percy". Yes, he finally made it to the water. And his last breakfast. That is one magnificent bird! It was a pleasure to have you for a brief stay. ...

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Today is the day, Percy!!! Your blood counts are back to normal, your water proofing looks great, and after two weeks of gluttonous eating you have gained weight. Thanks to Tom who oversees the Theresa Marsh we have a perfect release spot that has pelicans already there. I choose the perfect spot with water so close. HA!! As you can see by the video, Percy had other ideas. After I corralled this some what angry pelican, he finally went into the water. So Beautiful!!( Of course, I hit the wrong button on the phone and there is no video!! ) Oh No!! Here comes Percy back in my direction, I hid in the car, I hoped he wasn't coming for more breakfast!! Then, he unfurled those magnificent wings and took off in the air. Over highway 28 ( a little nervous about that) over to the north end of the marsh and sailed out of sight. It looked like he knew just where to go! Happy trails American White Pelican!! ...

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Breakfast time!! Our bird has an infection, so medication injected into fist fish then the rest of breakfast. We will recheck blood counts again to see if they have improved. Note to self: make sure fish is really dead before injection medication!!! Enjoy:) ...

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